Oil, Gas, petrochemical & Heavy Industrials (Metallurgical Industries)
Diversity in fields of expertise is one of the founders of Paya group. In recent years Paya group has specialized itself in construction and project implementation. Our main partner in the Procurement, Construction, Installation, commissioning, Production and Engineering Services in the mentioned fields of expertise is Arya Niroo Company. (www.arianiroo.com) Paya Group is the exclusive representative of Cryogenmash JSC from Russia " one of the well known Companies in field of cryogenic systems around the world" which is active in Designing, Manufacturing of following types of equipment for production, processing, transportation, and storage of technical gases:
  Air Separation plants
Cryogenic storage tanks for O2, N2, Ag, .., Xe, Oil, Gas, petrochemical & Heavy Industrials (Metallurgical Industries)
Gasification systems
Truck tankers
Cryogenic pipelines, Systems and Auxiliary equipments
Equipment for rare gases production
Membrane gas separation plants
Pressure swing adsorption plants
Equipment for natural gas separation, purification and liquefaction (www.cryogenmash.ru)
Also, Paya Group is exclusive representative of PETCHIM JCS (PETROVIETNAM OIL CORPORATION "PV OIL") procurement serving oil & Gas industry, Power, ship-building, etc,… www.petchim.com.vn