Cryogenmash is the largest company in Russia engaged in production of air separation technologies and equipment, supply of technical gases and development of comprehensive decisions on processing a casing-head gas, natural gas and LNG. In Russia about 90% of the annual production of technical gases are effected at the equipment manufactured by Cryogenmash
Cryogenmash is the modern, dynamically developing enterprise. The average annual growth rate for the last 3 years exceeds 40 % and more than twice surpasses average indices in the Russian mechanical engineering. The manufactured products are competitive in the international market; therefore about 40 % of productis is delivered for export. In 2008 the Cryogenmash revenue according to the Russian Standard of Business Accounting was 3.45 billion rbl. The company’s headquarter with more than 2,800 persons engaged is situated in Balashikha, Moscow Region. The company consolidates profile assets - institute and machine building works JSC “Cryogenmash”, the leading specialized design institute JSC “Giprokislorod”. The company has a representation in China.
All almost 60-years history of Cryogenmash is connected with participation in state-scale programs and projects. Application of oxygen - converter method of steel melting and development of large-scale chemistry, creation of large systems for rockets filling with liquid cryogenic products at the domestic space centers and abroad, development of superconductivity – Cryogenmash took an active part in all these projects.
Meeting the market needs, for the last several years Cryogenmash has implemented more than 30 large projects, developing the unique equipment, updating the existing technical gases productions and creating new ones. Air Separation Plants for integrated iron-and-steel works in Magnitogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novolipetsk, Novokuznetsk, for Severstal, Krivorozhstal (Ukraine), ISPAT-KARMET (Kazakhstan), GMK “Norilsky Nikel”, SUMZ, Almalyk GMK (Uzbekistan), Yefremov ZSK, Tomskneftekhim, the filling systems for space centers Baikonur (Kazakhstan), Plesetsk (Russia), “Sea Launch”, SHAR (India), Kuru (French Guiana), KSLV (Oenaro, the South Korea), hydrogen and helium systems for the German, Swiss, and Chinese companies, decisions for LNG in Russia, Poland, and China – this is an incomplete list of the high technology equipment manufactured by Cryogenmash.
At the present stage the company manufactures the following types of equipment for production, processing, transportation, and storage of technical gases:
Air Separation plants
Membrane gas separation plants
Pressure swing adsorption plants
Equipment for natural gas separation, purification and liquefaction
Hydrogen and helium systems
 Cryogenic tanks, storage and gasification systems
Transport tankers
Cryogenic pipelines
 Equipment for rare gases production
Equipment for launch rocket-space systems
The deliveries of technical gases are an important line of Cryogenmash development. On the basis of long-term experience Cryogenmash proposed to metallurgists a new form of cooperation – on-site gas deliveries. When concluding a long-term agreement on technical gases delivery, Cryogenmash independently constructs and operates the air separation production at the customer’s site, which can provide technical gases for the main production.