Importer of foodstuff and health products in Ir Importer of soft drinks in Iran Importer of cellulosic products and cellulosic raw material in Iran Importer of detergents and health materials in Iran Importer of cosmetics and health products in Iran
Importer high quality goods from foreign countries is one of the successful activities of PAYA Trading Company for Iranian Consumers.
Importer rice, meat, wheat flour, sugar, health Stuff, detergent powder, refractory grease and other variety of products from Turkey, Dubai, India, Australia and export them with special packing under the name of PAYA Trading company to Ukraine, CIS countries like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan &…
Representative of o. (one of the leading Turkish manufacturers in the field of Furniture & Door Accessories) as Importer & Distributor for types of fittings like locks & etc.
Importer vehicles such as Van & Mini Van & Auto spare parts for all vehicles which exist as taxies in general transportation sector in all over the Iran.
This Company by having the exclusive representative of some international well known companies has been appeared as one of the active companies in field of Importer durable goods.
Exclusive representative of TAMEK from Turkey (producer of any kind of soft drinks, Fruit juice, Nectar, pickles, jam, marmalade sauces, ketch up and ready food
Exclusive representative of EFES soft drinks Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage from Turkey produced by ANADOLU EFES which is one of the famous Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage producer around the world.importer of soft drinks in iran.
Exclusive representative of EVYAP Company from Turkey which is one of the enormous and well known Producer of Health, Cosmetic & Hygienic stuff with variety brands such as FAX, DURU, ARKO, SANINO, BLAZE, EVY BABY, EVY LADY, ...

Paya's activities in importer fields:

importer of Health & Cosmetic products such as EVYAP productions (FAX, DURU, ARKO, SANINO, …)
importer of Soft Drink & Fruit Juice & Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage like EFES beer and TAMEK juice products from Turkey
importer of Food Stuff in iran
importer of cellulosics raw material in Iran
importer of cellulosic products in Iran