Jey Oil
We acknowledge as specialize in supplying and exporting products in global markets for bitumen acknowledge

One of the main activities of Paya Trading Co as Jey oil Refinery Representative Specializes in supply and export of all kinds Bitumen products under international standards to Asian, African , European countries. In this regard has a highest proportion of major share of world market from African and Asian countries. And honest services to its customers are constantly developing better market. For maintaining its position inevitable among the suppliers of bitumen tending to the Iranian market we are Tending to, and hope to be able to have more share and Significant Production and export of bitumen, which is the desirable quality we allocate to our company.

In fact, we have reached great heights of success by providing the most fair and transparent deals to the customers Frankly ,we are a trading company in Iran with high level of high quality standard of Bitumen services and competitive price which can be offered in the global market.
We prepare and export different complete grades of bitumen with the following specific actions.