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Diversity in fields of expertise is one of the founders of Paya group. In recent years Paya group has specialized itself in construction and project implementation.   One of the most important activities of PAYA Group has been oil & fuel Transit from CIS countries via Iran to other countries. One of the main activities of Paya Trading Co as Jey oil Refinery Representative Specializes in supply and export of all kinds Bitumen products under international standards to Asian, African, ... ...
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  • Afta Vazal

    Afto VAZ

    Avtovaz is Russia's largest car maker, but it was only last year that it produced the first Lada model with an airbag.

  • Petro Power


    Haljas Ltd. was founded in Tallinn in 1989 and was at that time one of the first private companies in Estonia. The company is completely owned by Estonian capital.

  • Bank


    Petechim brand first appeared in 1981 as the only supplier of equipments, machineries, materials of all type as well as procurement service for EPCC projects of the Vietnam Petroleum Industry.

  • Bank

    Jon Way

    Zhejiang Jonway Automobile Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Jonway Group. Jonway Group manufactures automobiles, motorcycles, vehicle and motor parts, light building materials, air-compressors ...

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