Energy Gostar Maad Co
Energy Gostar Maad Co. as one of the private companies in design, manufacturing and construction of oil, gas and petrochemical projects was found at Aug. 2006 by managers, experienced in manufacturing and executive of oil, gas and petrochemical projects
In EGM engineering department experienced engineers design the EGM products by technical software's. Research and development (R&D) department is responsible to optimize the designing and manufacturing of EGM products and collecting and transmitting of executive experiences with cooperation of engineering and production departments.
EGM factory locates in 3500 square meters area near Ghazvin industrial city 200 km far from Tehran city which has been equipped with special machines for construction of heavy duty equipments in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
We believe that with these three important parameters, high quality, reasonable price and fast delivery we can flight for being the best to satisfy our customers. Our vision is to be an international company in the entire world.