distributor of foodstuff and health products in Iran distributors of soft drinks in iran distributor of cosmetics and health products in Iran distributor of cellulosic products in Iran distributor of cellulosics raw material in Iran
PAYA has been operates as a Group associated in various distribution sector in Iranian market. This company has started its distribution activities from 2001 as representative of B.A.T (British American Tobacco) in west part of Iran.
Incident with producing of Bistoon cigarettes by "Qeshm Tobacco" Paya has been Total representative of mentioned company and undertook all sales and distribution activities of Qeshm Tobacco products such as Bistoon Cigarettes all over the Iran.
distribution department of this Group has become an expert in supplying & procurement to ensure distributing 70000 points all over Iran which by obtaining profit of up to date technology this group is able to keep in touch as online with its other agency in all over Iran.
PAYA Group in order to develop its distribution activities has started close cooperation as joint venture with some international well known distribution companies like Global in Turkey and Haljas company in Estonia which is one of the biggest distribution company around the world.
Paya Group & Haljas have established Triple Union Company in Estonia. Said company has set some other branches in CIS countries such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan,.. (www.haljas.ee)
Also, by having close cooperation with Beh Pakhsh as one of the biggest distribution companies in Iranian Market , the said company has been operates as Paya group's strong supplier. (www.behpakhsh.net)
Paya's activities in distribution fields:
distribution of Health & Cosmetic products such as EVYAP productions (FAX, DURU, ARKO, SANINO, …)
distribution of Soft Drink & Fruit Juice & Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage like EFES beer and TAMEK juice products from Turkey
distribution of Food Stuff
distribution of cellulosics raw material in Iran
distribution of cellulosic products in Iran