About Us
Paya Trading Company has been established in 1994 with a sole purpose of exporting durable goods and raw material to the foreign markets and importing high quality goods for the domestic market.
At present with more than 15 years history in both domestic and international markets Paya is one of the most successful companies in Iran which by directing its other office branches in UAE, Turkey and CIS countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan has developed its activities in most of countries.
This company by growing its activities and connecting to some international well-known companies has managed successful reorganization as Paya Group in variety of fields as Export, Import, Distribution, International Transportation, Fuel Transit, Engineering Metallurgical Industries (Oil, Gas, petrochemical & Heavy Industrials), Construction Industry, Spinning & Textile Industry and ….
Paya Group has present considerable export activities with exporting durable goods & raw material to neighborhood countries such as CIS countries and has been exclusive representative of PAXAN in Azerbaijan by Exporting Barf Detergent Powder and obtaining Citation as the best exporter in 1994.
In import field, addition to obtaining import permission & GMP codes From Iranian Health Ministry, Paya Group has had exclusive representative of EFES Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage, EVYAP (Cosmetic & Health Stuff products) from Turkey and is currently Exclusive Representative of TAMEK Company From Turkey which produce any kind of Fruit juice, Nectar, pickles, jam, marmalade sauces, ketch up and ready food products. In order to develop Paya Group activities, we have experienced close cooperation as a joint venture with some of enormous distribution companies like Global in Turkey and Haljas Company in Estonia.
In Gas & Oil, Petrochemical & Heavy industrials section, Paya Group is Exclusive Representative of PETCHIM JCS (PETROVIETNAM OIL CORPORATION "PV OIL") procurement serving oil & Gas industry, Power,.. from Vietnam and Cryogenmash JSC from Russia which by achieving to profit of improved technology & modern equipment has been presented as an active international Gas & Oil company.
Also , mentioned company has experienced close cooperation with Isfahan Steel company.
In order to achieve 43,44 principle's constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran, PAYA Group has established TARADIS PAYA IRANIAN CO. which is "Subsidiary of Iranian Taxi Cooperatives union" as Investment & Commercial Services Development and Procurement & Distribution of Auto Spare Parts & Accessories company.
This Group is the owner of Pars Agro Industry Complex as soft Drink Producer Factory located in suburb of Tehran.